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Advent for Building Human Capital

Hear it from the Graduates

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of professionals is the backbone of MyabcFoundation.
Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop.

"I had no chance of employment"
"I was a school dropout"
"I lacked confidence"
"I had no income"
"I was a reject"

"Till I met
So what is abcFoundation?
"A Life Changer"
"An English Booster"
"A Confidence Injection"
"A Giver of Hospitality English"
"An Aid for gainful employment"
"Today I don't only work for a hotel...
"Thank You Myabc."

Need for abc ?

abc learnt that providing English to youth would help with their growth because ....

  • * English is the key for employment globally
  • * English is a necessity and a way forward for the 21st Century
  • * English at school allows reading/writing skills but VITAL conversation is poor
  • * Fluency in spoken English builds confidence needed for international standards
  • * abc connects abc graduates to local and international hospitality opportunities for greater financial rewards
  • * abc helps build Human Capital.

abc Presence

abc conducts operations from Dubai. Operations in selected countries of accessible vicinity to Dubai are undertaken after an in-depth feasibility to meet with abc Board’s strict criteria, legalized under a Foundation or Trust.

abc Pakistan operates under an NGO "abcFoundation" in Islamabad and Northern Areas viz. Hunza

abc India operates under a Trust Deed "abcID" running its operations from Delhi

abc UAE its operations in Dubai training teachers for all countries and piloting students growth on a pro-bono basis. abcFinale www.abcfinale.com is a LLC company that assists graduates from the above countries to be placed in employment.

Whilst feasibility studies for Tanzania & Syria have been completed, operations are on hold presently.

abcFinale - Job Placement

abc Graduates are helped through  "abcFinale" (www.abcfinale.com) a Dubai based incorporated company to gain employment

"abcFinale",  operates independently to abcFoundation as a sister entity, but under the same value systems placing Graduates i in employment

  • KFC
  • American Embassy – India
  • Le Meridian
  • JW Marriott India
  • Sofitel Hotel JBR, Dubai
  • Holiday Inn, Dubai
  • McDonalds, Delhi
  • Unicraft, Delhi
  • HFDC Bank, Delhi
  • Hyatt Regency, Delhi

Founder's Message

These inspirational words hit a chord, as abcFoundation got established as a not-for-profit organisation to help development of young adults to a globally recognized standard, to enable them to take up employment in the hospitality industry.

abc's core initiative is to impart learning made available by trained abc tutors of a specially developed curriculum "English for Hospitality Professionals" to young adults having completed successful specially designed abc assessment tests. Graduates benefit further through relevant grooming skills and job application skills.

Employment opportunities for abc graduates are made available through an affiliated abc placement company for employment in the UAE if growth in their host countries is not possible.

The end result is gratifying as we witness our graduates going towards further education or employment that had deluded them earlier, or even becoming entrepreneurs. abc does not only benefit graduates financially, but helps eradicate poverty, as their families and indeed society sees a transformation.

Roxana Jaffer

abc Inspiration

"The question is, not only what I have achieved,   The question is what have I helped others to achieve?  
That is the notion of social conscience in Islam"

The Aga Khan

Excerpt of Speech

Maputo, Mozambique 12 Aug 1988

abc Logo & it’s Ethos

Circle Reflects: Starting simply, basic requirements = A Global reach / A universal need.

Heart Reflects: Refining stage adding few curves = Love for improvement/ Yearning for a better life/ Growth/ Need for education/love.

Star Reflects : Refined with more definition = Self Improvement/ Sense of achievement/ Ready to shine/ Nearing actualizing potential


To enhance human capital through skills and knowledge transfer


An Advent for Building human Capital: To Be instrumental in advancing growth for discerning individuals to have a positive impact on society in selected territories


Compassion, Integrity, Trustworthiness, Commitment, Acceptance of diversity


To enrich discerning individuals confidence and skills in English for Hospitality, built on existing knowledge of English, so they enter an international working environment at a higher level of employment with ease.

Our Model


Near free learning after passing assessment tests accorded to those:

  • Having basic English Knowledge
  • Having been to school but not furthered themselves
  • Applicants not employed in their chosen career of study
  • Applicants with no growth prospects, having to take up menial positions
  • Unemployed for over 12 months
  • Whose gross income of their families is below national norms
  • Relaxation on merit to working professionals with poor level of English.


Regular Evaluation of abc programs applying a 360° approach is applied covering the following:

  • Student's continual comprehensive assessment
  • Teacher's (two fold) assessment by students and Master Trainer
  • Assessment of study material based on feedback from students and teachers to follow current trends
  • Curriculum assessment by the industry experts so that the program is customized with hospitality industry norms

Entry Assessment

Entry is only possible after successfully passing competency tests designed on international norms for the following:

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Reading

Responses are marked against a designed rubric that allows placing applicants to different levels of the curriculum.

abc Curriculum: 3 Levels of Tailored Curriculum (British Council authored)

Level 1: Elementary
  • 72 hours of learning, focused on initiating and indulging in English conversations
  • Knowledge of basic hospitality etiquette
  • Frequently used vocabulary and phrases
  • Placement preparation for various hotel departments
  • Allow choice to be made for department selection.
Level 2 : Intermediate
  • 72 hours of learning focusing on advanced language usage of the hospitality industry and in-depth knowledge of different departments of a hotel.
  • 4Star/5Star hotel work experience for a day
  • An opportunity to be placed in a hotel for work experience
Level 3: Skills enhancement
  • Training focusing on increasing confidence through in-depth directives of knowledge and practice to communicate in a professional manner
  • Job Experience Workshops & Role- plays to focus on increasing confidence through advanced practice of English
  • Grooming skills
  • CV writing skills


abc certificates for proficiency in English for Hospitality are sought after documents by HR Managers in the GCC Certification procedures are as follows:

  • Students attaining 60% marks in all areas of program awarded "Certificate of Achievement"
  • Students attaining less than 60% marks awarded "Certificate of Participation"
  • Being industry specific abc certification, allows high chances of graduates winning a job interview


  • Faculty are certified teachers
  • Trained by Master Trainer in our designed curriculum and pedagogy under Train The Trainer (Triple T) Program
  • Have to uphold our values and mandate
  • Regularly appraised for quality assurance

India Chapter

Kezia Da Rocha

Founder in Charge

Luz Mirafuentes


Adarsh Varma

abcIND Liaison Officer – Training Manager

Pakistan Chapter

Mustafa Ghulam

Member in Charge - Oversees Finance , (PRO)



UAE Chapter

Mustafa Ghulam

Member in Charge

Farrah Sheikh

Master Trainer

Akbar Motani

Member in Charge

  • A dynamic and talented professional with 10+ years of experience in handling comprehensive Human Resources activities for business operations of reputed hotels across GCC.
  • Hold MBA in Human Resource Management and Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Iqra University, Islamabad, Pakistan and currently pursuing CIPD – HR Management.
  • Known for building and maintaining a progressive work culture, rewarding employees to attract and retain the best talent and coaching teams to deliver targeted results.


  1. Evaluate the job opportunities available in market.
  2. To develop relation & rapport with HR departments of hospitality establishments.
  3. To liaison with hotels, catering companies and other hospitality ventures for recruitment requirements
  4. Ensure their resumes are updated as per ABC format
  5. Interview the candidate / graduates before they appear for the interview

Founder's of abc

As the idea of abc got germinated, we have had amazing support from acquaintances, friends, family and other connections to whom we humbly appreciate.

We say thank you to all those who assisted monetarily, supported with their valuable time and volunteerism. We have classified our supporters as:

"associates of abc" - those that helped with their time and effort on an ad-hoc basis;

"friends of abc " - those that give ongoing support and are regular benefactors

"patrons of abc' - those who add value on a continual and unrelenting basis To each one we say thank you

Roxana Jaffer

abc Founder

Roxana Jaffer is the key founder of MyabcFoundation, having long term vision and drive to improve people’s lives – building human capital - so they in turn help others in their vicinity.

Kezia Da Rocha

abc Founder

Experienced, trustworthy, hardworking.... These are just a few of the ways coworkers describe this invaluable member of our team. Kezia Da Rocha is truly a joy to have on our team as she leads by example keeping to deadlines so we progress.

Salima Hussain

abc Founder

Salima Hussain . With us since our founding, is one of our veteran team members. She bring years of experience in HR and brings skills to the forefront in helping our organization grow and succeed.

Qurat Sharif

abc Founder

Qurat Sharif With us since our founding, Qurat is our creative member, who brings forms to life through her visionary skills.

Patrons of abc

those who add value on a continual and unrelenting basis


Anita Mehra


Roxana Jaffer


Bashir Nathoo

Strengthened by Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha


"Friends of abc " - those that give ongoing support and are regular benefactors

Largely remaining anonymous, you know who you are.

"Associates of abc" - those that helped with their time and effort on an ad-hoc basis;

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